Saturday, November 5, 2011

Top Daily Drawings #1

The first collection of my favorite daily drawings of 2010. The whole reason that I did this project was to help me get back into drawing and hopefully discover new techniques and/or styles of drawing.

*The Story*
In September 2009 (the 2nd day of the fall semester) I was admitted into the hospital for a serious case of appendicitis. Essentially my appendix committed seppuku with a grenade. I was in critical care for about a week and gradually moved up to less and less serious states of being in the hospital. I ended up being in the hospital for three weeks then about 8 weeks at home for recovery. Getting back on top of that amount of work (and if you go to CCAD you know what I mean) is pretty much impossible. So not only was this the longest amount of time that I had been out of school since I was a baby but it was the longest amount of time that I had gone without drawing. Since I had zero motivation to do anything art wise and I was going to be in class in the Spring I figured I needed to get on this whole "art thing." I made a new years revolution to do a drawing everyday and that exactly what I did.

I hope you enjoy it!

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