Friday, January 13, 2012

Daily Drawings 3 & 7-13

Hey everyone. I have another post for my daily drawings including the one that I missed last week. I decided to use this project to try and develop some of my characters for this graphic novel that me and my friend are working on. It'll be nice on those days where I can't think of anything to draw so I don't do some weird random crap. Anyways, here is the new post.

- #3; My interpretation of Sonic if he were a human. I didn't feel like drawing a goofy blue animal with tumor hands so I drew this.
- #7; Patrick Swayze from Roadhouse (great movie btdubs).
- #8; I did this the day that I discovered Knife Party. Awesome Electronic group.
- #9; Emotions on the mind, haha.
- #10; My friend's Minecraft character. Catkicka, you are bawse. He does art too, check it out!
- #11; Two of my characters from the Graphic Novel.
- #12; Juggler. Although I cannot juggle that many at one time. Just 3 for me, haha.
- #13; Yet another character from the GN. She is mixed with a crow.

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