Friday, May 25, 2012

That Game Company Posters



These poster were originally done for one of my classes. The project was to find a company that you like and would want to work for, and make a product for them. The whole idea behind this project is that these would be limited edition posters that would be released with a soundtrack collection for the three games "flOw," "Flower," and "Journey." All of these games are very special to me and have completely changed how I view video games so I wanted to make these posters as a way of saying thanks to That Game Company for making such fantastic games. I am going to be showing these posters to them in the future and it would be pretty cool if something came out of it (we'll see). I enjoyed making these pieces very much and I hope you enjoy them as well.


  1. I would love to get print outs of these. Can you make that possible?

  2. I sure can. I'm selling them at $20 a print. is that cool? If so, send me your email and I will send you my PayPal stuff.

  3. Please send your PayPal info. I would love to purchase these. My son is a great fan of thatgamecompany.

  4. Hi, are you still selling these prints? I'm interested in the Flower poster. Great work, by the way, all of them.

    1. Hey there! You can find them on my etsy: